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Welcome to SoulMata! We are so glad you are here.

Whether you came to us through a referral or stumbled upon us through your desire to find a starting place for your personal or wellness journey...we believe you are in just the right place at exactly the right time and it is no coincidence that you are here!


Our mission at SoulMata is to work with individuals who are searching for guidance on discovering or uncovering their true and authentic selves by collaboratively creating a path to help in reaching specific goals.

Our methods include:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Mindfulness and Life Coaching

  • Energy Work and/or

  • Alternative/Holistic wellness healing


Your path could include one or all of these methods based on what feels right for you. 

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How wE Can Help You

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Individual Sessions

We offer a variety of individual sessions and packages to suit your individual needs. These include:

Individual Mental Health Counseling

Mindfulness/Life Coaching


In order to determine what works best for you, feel free to email, text or call us with questions or if you're ready to get started book your free 15 minute consultation now!

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Coming Soon!!!

Please Check Back Periodically To See Updates on Classes and Workshops